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Prices for the beach services:
Сhaise: from 200 UAH
Trestle beds: from 600 UAH
Bungalow: from 600 UAH
* Administration beach "Itaka" reserves the right to change prices during the holidays.

Would you like to relax with increased comfort on the beach in Arcadia? Our beach in Odessa - this is exactly what you need!
Beach "ITAKA" is divided into two zones:
The first zone - with comfortable lounge chairs (all chairs are made to order in Italy, especially for the beach «ITAKA»), umbrellas, tables, changing rooms and showers.

Second – is chic and comfortable bungalows for recreation.

On the beach a large landscaped pool with the best cleaning system, at any time, ready to take all the Olympic swim team.

Do not forget that the sun is in our southern edges of moderately hot - it promotes relaxation and a great acquisition and a beautiful tan velvet.


On the beach of Ithaca is a restaurant serving European, Greek, Mediterranean, and the new Chinese cuisine ZUMMA.


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Nice bartenders, massage therapists and other qualified staff will make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Beach bar nightclub «ITAKA» - this is the perfect place where you can relax, sipping a cocktail of fresh fruit, soft drinks, low alcohol and alcoholic beverages on the beach in Odessa.

In addition to the usual holiday highlight is the fact that since the opening, plays club music on the beach. Guests can sunbathe and swim in the pool, dance, drink light cocktails at the bar. This atmosphere gives the ease of communication and acquaintances. The beach area is so arranged that everyone can find a comfortable seating area for yourself.

If you want to relax on the beach Arcadia Odessa city, you can come to us, in addition to our site have the opportunity to book a place on the beach.


The waiters will take your order and bring it directly to the resort.



Children place on the beach «ITAKA»