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Summer holidays in Odessa by the Sea

Odessa is the pearl of the Black Sea, which shines in its beauty and the opportunity to relax by the sea. Summer holidays in Odessa is the dream of many people in the CIS countries and the world, because our city is:

Historic Town
in Odessa a lot of historical sites that are visited by thousands of people. The city has many landmarks - the Opera House, Philharmonic Hall, Passage, Colonnade, Vorontsov Palace, etc. Our city is different from many cities in Ukraine its arhtekturoy, the buildings feature a unique design and appearance.

Pearl of the Black Sea
The city is located on the banks, which further attracts tourists. The city has beaches, restaurants and discos on the beach, as well as many interesting restaurants on the beach.

City is overshadowed by the internal architectural beauty, the mentality of people and washes the beautiful Black Sea.

Rest in Odessa this visit many architectural monuments, relaxing on the beach, nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment. The nice thing about this holiday by the sea in Odessa, because they rest on the shore is a health and beauty.

One of the most famous beaches of the city of Odessa is Arcadia, which is filled with a variety of entertainment venues and restaurants, and is divided into separate beaches. In Arcadia, you can relax by the sea, a restaurant or disco, eat out or go to the tour.

One of the beaches is Arcadia "ITAKA» - high quality comfort and convenience. Also in ITAKA, you can visit a nightclub. If you want to relax by the sea in Odessa, then on our website you can even book a table in a club or on the beach to relax.

you are going to rest in Odessa with Russia or any other country, want to get to the concert a "star" in ITAKA, then you can order the necessary services on our website and do not worry that you will not get tickets to the concert.

Good quality service will enhance your holiday experience in Odessa!